Module 5

Make Better Decisions Faster

VIDEO 1: Two Kinds of Decisions

Not All Decisions Are Created Equal

Leaders make decisions all day long. The higher you are in an organization, the harder the decisions get. All the easy ones are taken. In this video we explore the two major kinds of decisions you need to make in life and work and how they are handled uniquely.

VIDEO 2: Crystal Ball Decisions

What To Do When the Path Is Unclear

When you don’t have all the information you need, or any information for that matter, I call this a “Crystal Ball Decision.” It just means you wish you had one. In this video I introduce you to a very simple technique that is the next best thing.

VIDEO 3: Finding Your Guidance

How to Evoke the Wisdom of the Heart

“Luke, trust your feelings.” That may sound like a cliche, but learning to trust the immense wisdom and power of your heart is an essential element of leadership decisions. Especially when it comes to Crystal Ball Decisions. In this video, I teach you two of the best practices to help you hear your heart.

VIDEO 4: Time Machine Walk

Practices for Making BIG Decisions

When a decision is significant, with irreversible consequences, or affects other people, sometimes slowing down is the best way to speed things up. In this video we explore a technique that allows you to temporarily try out different decisions without the consequences.

VIDEO 5: The Landing Sequence

How to Execute a BIG Decision Safely

There are two ways to get a plane on the ground, you can crash it, or land it. One is a lot faster, but with pretty bad consequences. In this video, we introduce ways to ease into really big decisions for a smooth transition and limited unintended consequences

VIDEO 6: Activating Courage

Connecting to Your Most Important Resource

Once you know which way to go in a big decision, it requires some internal courage to act on it. This video introduces a powerful practice designed to help you access that precious resource.

VIDEO 7: Breakthrough Strategy

Best Practices in Strategic Planning

When it comes to aligning team action, designing and staging a strategy is essential. In this video, I show you how to build breakthrough strategy by following a simple template. When you do this right, people tend to get on-board more quickly.

VIDEO 8: Counting Cards Process

Give Yourself a Strategic Advantage

Developing strategy out of thin air is not easy. One of the best ways to get the creative juices flowing is to perform an analysis of the situation. In this video, I introduce a simple and familiar process in a new way to help generate the best strategic thinking.

VIDEO 9: Action Planning Hacks

Tools to Make Prioritizing Team Action Easy

Often in leadership you will have a long list of things a team needs to accomplish. One thing we know impacts engagement and motivation is when team members feel they have focus and clarity. In this video, I show you two very simple tools that can help align the priorities of a team so it can act more effectively as a unit.

VIDEO 10: Problems vs. Polarities

The Key to Managing Complexity, Simply

Most of the time leaders are making decisiosn about how to solve problems in their organization or team. However, what most don’t realize is sometimes you are dealing with something that looks like a problem, but isn’t. In this video, I introduce a critical distinction between problems and polarities and why this matters.

VIDEO 11: How Polarities Work

The Dynamics of All Polarities

All polarities possess the same basic traits and dynamics. Understanding these is essential to managing them well. In this video, I outline the four main dynamics of all polarities and what they mean for leadership.

VIDEO 12: Individual Polarity Map

A Leadership Development Fast Track

Polarities are found in each of us as much as they are in organizations. When we understand how they show up in us, we can learn to lead more effectively. In this video, we explore a very simple and very powerful human development tool.

VIDEO 13: Group Polarity Map

The End of Endless Arguments

When we can only see problems and miss polarities, teams end up in circular never ending debates. But when everyone starts seeing complexity in a new way, things change quickly. In this video, we walk through how to run a polarity map process for a team. It’s a powerful way to help teams navigate complex challenges more easily.

VIDEO 14: 10 Most Common Polarities pt 1

Exploring the Dynamics of Common Polarities

Polarities are legion in life and work, but there are some that consistently show up in all organizations. In this video we explore the four quadrants of the first half of the 10 most common polarities

VIDEO 15: 10 Most Common Polarities pt 2

Exploring the Dynamics of Common Polarities

In this video we continue our exploration of the second half of the 10 most common polarities.

VIDEO 16: Polarity Assessment Tool

Learn Where You and Your Organization Live

Once you understand the 10 most common polarities, you can perform a brief assessment of yourself and your organization to see what’s going on. In this video, I show you how to use these polarities to get clear on the gaps and imbalances, as a well as the places of equilibrium.

VIDEO 17: The Finish Line

Celebration and Next Steps

This is a monumental occasion! You made it to the end of the training (even if you didn’t complete all the modules that’s ok). In this video I outline some key suggestions and next steps now that you’ve completed the program. Congratulations!