Module 3

How to Have Performance Conversations

VIDEO 1: Turn the Light On

The Starting Point for Coaching Conversations

Learning to unlock performance in others is about learning how to coach. In this video, we introduce the underlying premise of all coaching conversations which is to help change the way we see or “render” reality.

VIDEO 2: The Corpse that Bleeds

How Our Beliefs Shape Our Reality

The stories we tell ourselves about the world form our most fundamental beliefs. Usually these are unquestioned. In this video we explore the power of beliefs to shape our reality.

VIDEO 3: Step 1 – The Gas Gauge

Meet Your Emotional Guidance System

The first step in changing limiting beliefs is to pay attention to how you feel. Some people are overwhelmed by feelings, others experience them as a distant cousin, and still others are governed by them. In this video we explore a new way of relating to your emotions– the best guidance system you can imagine.

VIDEO 4: Step 2 – The Chosen Channel

Identifying the Story We Tell Ourselves

The second step in changing beliefs is to ask ourselves what story we are telling. Learning to identify our unconscious habits of focus can begin to show us an alternative path to establishing more resourceful beliefs

VIDEO 5: Step 3 – The Loyal Soldier

Understanding How Limiting Beliefs Serve Us

The third step is to realize that every limiting belief we have has served us well in some way. Even the ones that are destructive have served some purpose. Knowing that purpose is essential before we can move to the final step.

VIDEO 6: Step 4 – A New Song

Choosing a Belief That Works Better

The final step in changing beliefs is learning how to select a better story that produces more freedom, courage, and wisdom. But you can only do this once the first three steps are complete.

VIDEO 7: Are Your People Awake?

Upgrading Your Management Practice

When it comes to coaching others into performing at their best, it won’t surprise you to learn this task begins with an assessment of your own management practice. Here are 8 critical questions to ask yourself before you work on another.

VIDEO 8: Diagnosing Performance Issues

The Four Areas that Block Performance in People

All performance blocks in your team, after you’ve addressed yourself, can be reduced to four basic areas. Use this as a map to locate performance problems in people you lead.

VIDEO 9: Performance Interventions

How to Unlock Performance Blocks in People

Once you’ve identified the source of the problem, this video walks through the potential solutions or interventions that are designed to address the four areas. The workbook found under Video 7 takes it a little deeper still.

VIDEO 10: Overplayed Strengths

Finding a Way into Coaching Conversations

Once you’ve identified key problem areas, the next challenge is how to have the coaching conversation. In this video we explore a variety of ways to enter into the issue in a way that people can receive more easily.

VIDEO 11: Throwing Switches

How to Keep Conversations on the Right Track

Words create worlds, they have the power to build up and to destroy. In any conversations it’s easy for the words we chose to put everyone on the wrong track. Learning to throw the right “switches” will help you keep conversations headed in the right direction.

VIDEO 12: Ending Employment

How To Navigate The Hardest Conversation

The hardest conversation to have is the one where you end a team member’s employment. There’s a lot of well intentioned but bad advice out there about this. In this video, I walk you through step by step exactly how to make firing someone much less painful for you and them.