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Employee Engagement

VIDEO 1: Why Engagement Matters

The Hidden Power that Drives Performance

In the world of work, one of the biggest factors that is overlooked is the hidden power of the emotional life. How people feel about the work they do matters a great deal. In this vide we unpack some of the research and help define what Engagement is.

VIDEO 2: The Engagement Puzzle

The Elements that Make the Engagement Picture

How engaged someone is with a company isn’t easy to talk about in direct terms. In fact, it can really only be infered by looking at other factors. In this video we explore the 7 factors that drive engagement in all of us.

VIDEO 3: How to Measure Engagement

Understanding the Elements of the Cycle

Measuring engagement is a powerful aspect of actually improving it. However, just measuring it is not enough to change it. In this video, we unpack all the elements in the cycle. When you understand and implement this, you will see real increases in the commitment level of your team.

VIDEO 4: Mistakes to Avoid

5 Keys to Improving Engagement

In this video we note some of the most common mistakes that get made when running an employee engagement process. Avoid these and you are going to see great results!