Module 1

Build a Talent Magnet Team: Unleash the Power of Purpose

VIDEO 1: Working ON Your Business

A Powerful Way To Create Leverage

In this video we get clear on the overall goals of the module and understand the best way to get leverage in your business. We also start mapping out how you’re going to do this.

VIDEO 2: Everyone Has THREE Jobs

A Key to Unlock Team Engagement

Most leaders focus on job performance, few understand the hidden dynamics at work beneath the surface. In this video we begin to name the hidden forces at work in us.

VIDEO 3: Your 3 Jobs Assessment

Get Clear on Your Own Performance First

This is a working video where I facilitate questions to ask yourself and help you get clear on where you want to go. We also look at how this can help your team in a big way.

VIDEO 4: Find Your Personal WHY

Connect to Your Deeper Purpose to Inspire Others

Leaders that have clarity of purpose inspire the people they lead. Those that know how to articulate their sense of purpose transform the culture of their teams and witness greater creativity, committment, and engagement. This module teaches you how to identify and articulate your personal sense of WHY.

VIDEO 5: Putting Your WHY in Action

How to Use Your WHY to Uplevel Team Culture

Great! You have found and articulated your WHY. Now what? In this video I will show you how to put this WHY into action and the way it can build deeper connection and commitment in a team.

VIDEO 6: Why the WHY Matters

The Hidden Power of a Team or Company WHY

In other modules I’ve alluded to the reason for having a WHY. But there are other more important reasons to put effort into this activity. In this module I introduce you to how your WHY can protect and propel the company and the leaders in powerful ways.

VIDEO 7: Ground Rules for Creating Team WHY

Identifying What a Powerful WHY Looks Like

The output of a really clear and compelling WHY or vision is very simple, but there are a few pitfalls and mistakes people make along the way. This video introduces the best practices and underlying ground rules for how to build an effective WHY.

VIDEO 8: Creating Your Team WHY

How to Accelerate Team Buy-in to the Vision

How you produce the WHY of your team has an enormous impact not only on what it is, but more importantly on how much people on the team will be bought in. For a group to have impact it must belong to those who are on it, not just those who lead it. This process provides the best results.

VIDEO 9: From WHY to HOW (Values)

How to Create a Magnetic Culture

Getting clear on your Vision or the WHY of a team is only part of the power. In order to make a vision real a team needs to articulate their Values. This is the HOW you make Vision live in an organization. In this video we explore the way Values create a magnetic culture that attracts and keeps talent.

VIDEO 10: How Values Deliver Results

Three Companies That Show the Way

When companies learn to take values seriously, they start seeing big results. This applies to teams with in companies too. In this video we explore three companies that demonstrate well defined values and have seen excellent results. This is all about defining your “rule of life” together and what you can expect of each other.

VIDEO 11: Understanding the Power of Values

How Values Impact Performance and Engagement

Values guide our decisions, relationships, limits, and impact. They are the rudder that determine where we are going together and the path to get there. That means we must learn to consciously choose our values. In this video we unpack how values function and how we can change them when needed to upgrade our performance.

VIDEO 12: Creating Group Values

How to Design Values for Teams and Organizations

In this video I walk you through the step by step process to design and develop a “rule of life” or value set for a group of people. The key to this process is ensuring the values feel indigenous to the people rather than a top down decree. That’s when the magic happens.

VIDEO 13: More Than Words on A Wall

Ensuring Your Rhetoric Matches Your Reality

Ok, you’ve come up with some really powerful values for a team. Now what? How do you prevent them from just becoming meaningless words on a wall? In this video we explore the key mechanisms that truly make values live in an organization or a team. This is where you discover that the littlest things make the biggest difference.

VIDEO 14: Staging the Ascent

How to Get People Bought-In to Any Big Idea

When leaders present a grand idea, like a new vision, values, a reorganization, or some other initiative, it is common for stakeholders to drag their feet a bit.  In this video we take a look at a simple map that plots the course for how to best enroll people in your idea.  Leaders who know where their people are on the map and plot a course to the desired destination have much better results, faster.

VIDEO 15: Connecting the Dots

How the Trainings Support the Goals

In this video we briefly revisit the stated goals of this entire module in order to make connections and draw a few key conclusions.