Bonus 3

Master Speaking

VIDEO 1: Reframing Your Mindset

A Different Approach to Speaking

The resources out there available on how to speak and present are countless. In this video I reframe how we think about speaking and presenting that are not well known.

VIDEO 2: You Are the Message

The Best Technology to Engage Your Audience

Marshall McLuhan famously observed “The Medium is the Message.” In the case of speaking, the most dominant medium is you, your physical body. In this video, we explore the power and nature of that medium

VIDEO 3: Using Your Emotional Body

Working with the Subtle Power You Possess

The greatest enemy to a speaker is audience boredom. The best weapon you have against that is understanding the power of your emotional body and how to wield it. In this vide, I introduce a few key techniques for creating emotional impact.

VIDEO 4: Techniques and Tools

The Mechanics of Building Solid Slideshows

Slideshows are a great tool to use when speaking and presenting, but they are so often completely misused and abused. When done poorly, they can detract in a big way from the speaker. In this video, I walk you through the principles of creating great slides.

VIDEO 5: Engage with Surprise

Ways to Create Intrigue and Curiosity

It’s one thing to get people engaged at the beginning of a presentation and quite another to keep them engaged. In this video, I introduce a handful of techniques that can accomplish both.