Bonus 5

Manage Up and Across

VIDEO 1: Rethinking Your Role

How to Create a Better Boss

If you have a boss or a board, they determine 70% of your experience of work. A boss is a powerful thing. Some bosses are a lot better than others. In this video, I introduce a few new ways to think about your role and how that can improve your experience of your boss

VIDEO 2: Playing the Roles

How to Create More Value for Your Boss

As a leader you know that being a boss is never easy. It’s hard to get really good, undistorted, timely information to make good decisions. In this video I show you how to give your boss exactly what she needs to make you indispensable.

VIDEO 3: A Mirror

A Better Relationship Between You and Your Boss

Establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with your boss is essential. One of the things that can happen, which gets in the way is a lack of honest feedback. In this video, I provide an exact script for how to help your boss relate to you in ways that work better.

VIDEO 4: A Gauge

How to Give Your Boss the Best Information

Beyond just relating well, your boss depends on you to be a sensor of the system and relay critical information. Too often people will pull punches when letting their boss know what’s really going on. In this video, I show you how to deliver bad news in a way that gets good results.

VIDEO 5: A Guide

Learning to Use the Guided Discovery Process

A boss will often come up with a misinformed or bad idea. You can see disaster coming, but you know that saying “no” makes you look lazy or disagreeable. In this video, I walk you through a process that helps you provide effective guidance for your boss to make more informed decisions.

VIDEO 6: Managing Across

Respect the Power of Politics

If you work with a group of people, then you will encounter politics at one time or another. Some people love politics, others find it distasteful. Regardless of where you stand, understanding this art is essential to leadership effectiveness, especially when working with peers. In this video, I unpack the dynamics of politics and how it can be unleashed in service to all.