Bonus 1

The First 90 Days Success Plan

VIDEO 1: The Hidden Currency

How to Establish Credibility Fast

The most important part of entering a new role or organization is hitting “break even.” This is when you go from taking from an organization (i.e. where is the bathroom) to contributing. In this video we explore the key elements to accomplish this.

VIDEO 2: The On-Boarding Blueprint

The 4 Pillars of Getting Up to Speed

In a new role or organization, 4 main areas must be understood in order to become effective. This module outlines the tools necessary build an effective and timely action plan

VIDEO 3: Tool #1 – The Deep Dive

How to Become a Student of the Organization

This first tool is all about knowing how to ask the right questions of the right people to develop your best guess about what an organization most needs from you.

VIDEO 4: Tool #2 – Tailor Your Strategy

Using the S.T.A.R.S. Model

This video introduces a helpful tool designed to help you figure out exactly where you should focus your energy first and how to best pace your efforts to lead change.

VIDEO 5: Tool #3 – Relating to Your Boss

The Dos and Dont’s of Working For Someone New

This video outlines the best practices for establishing a great working relationship with a new boss.